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Geography and History

At St Osburg’s Catholic Primary School, History and Geography are delivered through discrete lessons which are directly taken from the National Curriculum 2014. Where possible we make links with History and Geography across other areas of the curriculum such as Art. In both subjects, children will gain a wider knowledge of key people, dates and locations as well as learning a wide range of facts about different time eras and places in both the UK and around the world. Through our topics we also encourage a deeper understanding of British values. 

In History, our aim is for all children to have a good understanding of key periods of history and how that impacts on our own lives today. We ensure that our curriculum is progressive  and builds on an understanding of chronology.

In Geography, we want our children to have a thorough understanding of the world in which they live, both their local area and the world beyond. We have a progressive curriculum which embeds skills such as map reading. We encourage the children to have a global understanding and to have the knowledge and skills to be a responsible global citizen.

 Many of the topics lend themselves to trips and visits and where possible, we try to take the children as we feel it is an important way for the children to experience and learn History and Geography. These visits provide an enjoyable, interactive experience for the children and make their learning more memorable