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Reception's Special Treat! 

Our class mascots Rosie and Sam set the children a challenge to become more independent and learn how to organise themselves. They have been watching Reception all term and they were amazed with their progress. So much so, they arranged a teddy bears picnic for all the children. The children made their own sandwiches and enjoyed eating them up in the spring sunshine ☀️ Thank you Rosie and Sam! 

World Book Day 2017

Celebrating Polish Fat Thursday

In Reception we celebrate all cultures and traditions in our class - including the Polish celebration 'Fat Thursday'. To mark the end of the carnival season and as a way to prepare for the start of Lent, Polish people bake sweet delicacies to enjoy. The children tasted a range of these sweet treats today. They were delicious! Thank you to the Polish parents who took the time to bake such delicious pastries and biscuits.

Watch our amazing wooden spoon playing!

Still image for this video
We learnt about how to keep a steady beat, change our rythmn and pace to match music, echo different beats and how to keep an instrument in time with music

Pirate Pete Learns a Lesson! 

Reception have been working with Vicky from the Performing Arts Service for the past six weeks. They have learnt a variety of musical skills, which the showcased in their excellent pirate production 😊

Decorating Valentines Day Biscuits

Happy Wedding Day!

In Reception we have been learning all about marriage and today we hosted our own wedding at school. We had a bride and groom, priest, bridesmaids, best man and lots of guests. The bride and her bridesmaids walked up the aisle to 'Here Comes the Bride' - everyone was very excited. The priest made the couple say some special vows to one another and they gave each other a ring to wear to show their everlasting love. The bride and groom walked back down the aisle to the 'Wedding March'. We all celebrated by throwing confetti, eating wedding cake and dancing together. It was a brilliant wedding!

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

We have had a great week in Reception learning about how Chinese people celebrate their new year. We set up a Chinese new year role play, created our own ribbon dances to Chinese music, made Chinese lanterns and tasted some Chinese food.

Reception to the Rescue

All this cold weather has caused our penguins to become frozen in blocks of ice - how can we get them out?

Reception experimented with a variety of ways to melt the ice including using warm water, salt and a variety of tools to chip away at the ice.



This term in PE we have learning how to use the equipment. We have been experimenting moving in different ways and improving our balance and coordination.

Christmas Trip to Ash End Farm

A lovely festive time was had by all children an staff! We feed and pet the animals, took part in our own nativity in a real stable with real animals and we met Father Christmas. It was a magical day smiley

Christmas Craftiness

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Christmas Crafts afternoon. The children made some lovely festive crafts, which I am sure will be treasured forever.

Yum yum! Christmas Dinner Time

​Bedtime Phonics

Thank you to all the parents and children who attended our phonics workshop. It really was a success all round :)


​Baptism Role Play

Reception have been learning about the sacrament of baptism. The children know that when you are baptised you are given a special Christian name and welcomed into Gods family. The children went to church to act out a baptismal role play with Father Jimmy. They had a dolly dressed in white for the baby, a mummy and a daddy and two godparents. The baby was baptised as Bernadette. Father Jimmy showed the children the font with the holy water inside, how the baby is blessed with special oils and spoke about why we light the baptismal candle.


​Firefighter Visit

Reception had a great morning with Fireman Martin and Fireman Nicholas. The children went inside a real fire engine, tried on the firemen's uniform and had a go using the firemen's hose.


Spooky Story Day

We received a magical hocus pocus box from Wilma the Witch from 'Room on the Broom'. Her special box was full of spooky activities including writing lists of ingredients for new spells, mixing our own witches potions, making chocolate witches hats and carving our own pumpkins.


Washing Station

We opened up our own dolls washing station in the classroom. The children cleaned and brushed the dolls hair, washed their body and brushed their teeth. They spoke about the things you need to keep clean and the importance of washing yourself daily.




Health and Well Being Week

Reception have been learning all about how to have a healthy lifestyle and how to look after themselves. Firstly, Reception and Nursery were visited by the school nurses to tell us how to keep free of germs and wash our hands properly. We learnt the importance of making sure we don't spread our germs to others.




Roald Dahl Week

Revolting Rhymes

Look who has been getting up to mischief in our classroom...

Goldilocks has been into our classroom! We had to act as detectives and gather all the evidence that Goldilocks had left.

Look at all the fun we have in Reception

Reception's first week at school

The children have settled into school brilliantly - look and see how smart they are in their new uniform smiley 

The New School Year

Miss Ryan, Miss McKeown, Mrs Quayle and Mrs McGonigle are really looking forward to meeting the lovely new Reception class of 2016 smiley We are very busy at the moment preparing the classroom and outdoor area so it is all ready for Monday. We hope you are all excited and counting down the days to your first day in Reception!