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Bedtime Phonics

Last night Reception children and their parents were invited back to school to take part a bedtime phonics session. The children all came dressed in their cosy winter pjs and dressing gowns. They enjoyed a hot chocolate and marshmallows as they listen to their gifted book, which they all revived a copy of, from the Book Trust called ‘The Cave’. The book was very popular amongst the children and they loved the tale of the wolf discovering who lived in the cave. Meanwhile, the parents joined Mrs Roberts for a phonics meeting all about the importance of reading and how they can support their children’s phonic skills at home.

Use links for teaching phonics 

Below are some videos used during the meeting (and some additional links) to help parents with own understanding of phonics and how they can support their child best.

Remembrance Day

In Reception the children all shared what they already knew about Remembrance Day and the importance of the symbol of the poppy. Together they watched a video called 'Poppies'. The video  is a beautiful animation following a young rabbit through the poppy fields and reminds the children that the 11th November is a day for remembering those who fought in the war. Following this, all the children had a go at making their own poppy using transient art resources.

2D shape food party

The children have been learning all about 2d shapes. To help them identify, recognise and describe familiar 2d shapes we organised a 2d shape food party. The children brought in food from home and we discussed, sorted and ate all of the squares, triangles, circles and rectangles. The children thought it was lots of fun!

A prayer time full of thanks

The children have been reading the creation story and learning about all the wonderful things that God made for us to enjoy. During class prayer time, the children reflected on what they appreciate in their world and said thank you to God for something he made.

Design and Technology Project

The children made their own 'hedgehog bread'. They gathered their ingredients, followed a recipe and predicted what would happen to their dough. After leaving the dough to prove for an hour, the children were amazed by how much their dough had grown and then they set to bake it. They loved the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through the classroom.

Healthy Living Week

The children have been learning the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and making good choices for themselves. They have been cleaning the dollies in the water tray and talking about their own experiences about keeping clean. The children also took part in an exercise class, raised their heart rates and discussed why exercise makes you feel good. In addition, they have been enjoying a variety of healthy snacks at the snack bar including carrots and hummus, slices watermelon and cubes of cheese. The children have had a great time learning about how to look after their bodies.

Reception Welcome Mass

The Early Years children in Nursery and Reception were formally welcomed into the school and parish of Saint Osburg's during our first family mass. The children and their siblings took part in the mass by leading the readings, the offertory and decorating their own prayer tree. It was a wonderful family celebration and a lovely way to begin the school year.