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Welcome to Reception's Class Page


Our page is going to be a very important tool for us to keep up to date academically this year.


If your child off school but is well and awaiting test results for themselves or a family member, isolating due to a close contact having a positive Covid-19 test, school bubble closure or wider closures of schools, your child's home learning tasks will be uploaded on to the class page. 


Here is our Meet the teacher and Curriculum Welcome Meeting Information.  In 'normal' circumstances we would host the meeting in school but unfortunately due to the restrictions we have added a power point presentation for you to read through.


If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to ring the school office and I will get back to you.

Reception's Remote Learning Activities - Autumn Term

Week Beginning 5th October - Home Learning 

Please complete pages:

2, 3, 4, 5 - Colour, Shape and Pattern Book Activity Book

2 and 3 - Maths Activity Book 

2 and 3 - Writing Activity Book 


Also remember to choose five activities from the TTS booklet and ensure you read with your child every day. 

Home Learning Week Beginning 6th July - 17th July 

Hello Reception - we have two weeks left of the school year so the following tasks are set for the next two weeks at home. 

Have you seen our baby caterpillars on Twitter? They getting bigger and hairier each day - keep checking Twitter for updates and in the meantime have a go at writing out the life cycle of a butterfly with some pictures to go alongside of it. Here is a video to give you some ideas. 

Butterfly Life Cycle Video.avi

Still image for this video
In Maths we have been learning how to double and using spots on butterflies and ladybirds - have a go yourself using the documents below smiley
We will be reading some non-fiction book about the life cycle of a butterfly to learn some facts and also reading 'Mad about Minibeasts'. Read the book below on You Tube. 
We are also learning how to remember and order the days of the week and the months of the year. Have a go at these fun activities below. 
Our creative tasks this week include making minibeast out of clay and learning how to make symmetrical patterns on butterflies - what could you make this week? Check out the ideas below for some inspiration smiley
Please make sure you are tuning into Read Write Inc Phonic Lessons and Oak National Academy Lessons every single day. The links are below. 

Home Learning Week Beginning 29th June 

Hello Boys and Girls - I have hope you enjoyed the boiling sunshine last week...I spent some time in my garden sorting out my flowers (and weeds) and had lots of ice creams too. I hope you all had a go at going on a minibeast hunt and found lots of interesting bugs. The children in school loved investigating and identifying the different minibeasts. This week we are continuing with our minibeast theme. 

We are awaiting our delivery of caterpillars so that we can learn about the life cycle of a butterfly - keep up to date with our journey by looking out for photos on twitter. You can also learn about the life cycle of a butterfly by reading the books linked below. 

We are also going to be making our own bugs using egg boxes - see the pictures below for some inspiration! 
Your last minibeast activity involves a very wriggly creature...yes you guessed it, a worm. Worms burrow underground where is a dark, wet and cold. So, your task is to make a wormery for a worm. You will need a bottle or container, some soil, mud/sand and worms. Follow the link below for some step by step instructions. 
Lastly, here are your two work packs for the week. Don't forget you can also use the free online Oak Academy Lessons and Read Write Inc Lessons on You Tube. Have a good week everyone heart

Home Learning - Week Beginning 22nd June 2020 

Happy Monday to all my Reception families. I hope you have all had a good week. I have been very busy in school helping your friends settle back into school with their new routines. 

This week our topic is going to be all about mini beasts. So, this week I would like you to do some research to find out about lots of minibeasts including;

- What types of minibeasts there are 

- Where different minibeasts live 

- How different minibeasts move 

- How different minibeasts look 

When you are all clued up on lots of bugs go for a walk or use your back garden to go on a minibeast hunt. Use the minibeasts discovery page to draw and write about what you found. 

In addition to this, why not have a go at our 'What am I?' powerpoint game to try and guess which minibeast is being described - download the link below to have a go. 

In school we will also be reading lots of stories all about minibeasts so why not have a look through your books at home for stories about bugs and insects. Here are some You Tube links to some of the stories we will be reading. 
Finally, here are your work packs for this week. Try your best and let me know how you get one by uploading what you do on to Tapestry smiley

Home Learning - Week Beginning 15th June 2020

Good Morning Boys and Girls and Families

Today is a little bit of a different Monday for me…I am back in school working with some of the children who have returned to Reception. I am really looking forward to seeing them and hearing all their stories – but it makes me miss the rest of my lovely class even more. I do hope you are all keeping up to date by checking the website and enjoying your home learning too.

I will make sure you are kept informed with some of our learning at school, including the stories we are reading and the themes we are covering.

At snack time this week we are going to share these stories together.

Ruby’s Worry by Tom Percival

Laura’s Star by by Klaus Baumgart

These stories are to help the children to talk about their feelings, dreams, worries, secrets and hopes. Please try to share these stories with your children at home too. Take some time to talk to your child about how things have changed in these past few months. Let them share any thoughts they may have and make a list of things to look forward to as lockdown begins to ease. If you do not already own these stories I have included links below of the books being read aloud on You Tube.

Also for some further challenge, on You Tube, the Read Write Inc channel from today are now launching ‘hold a sentence’ lessons for those children who know their Set 1 and Set 2 sounds. These are great to help your children rehearse all the techniques they need to write a simple sentence.

In addition, here are two home learning packs for you to use with your child. Some of the tasks are practical activities (you can follow the guides given) and some are worksheets that you can print or copy/draw out for your child to have a go at.

As always please continue to share your home learning with us on Tapestry J

Home Learning Tasks - Week beginning 8th June 

Good morning everyone I hope you all had a lovely weekend with your families. Here are some ideas for your home learning this week. Make sure you take photos and upload them on to tapestry so I can see how you are getting on smiley

 - Log on to The Oak National Academy for your daily Maths, English, PSHE, theme and PE lessons - This week the sessions include lessons about buses, under the sea dance and crafts, reading and writing a postcard and lots more!

 - Set a reminder for your live Read Write Inc lessons everyday - you need to be completing Set 1 and Set 2 sound lessons and Red Word 1 lessons too. (see further information and helpful links below)

 - Do a 'Pop Sugar' family aerobic workout class on You Tube 

 - Remember to take your daily exercise each day and then do some writing and fill in your 'My senses sheet below' Did your family come up with the same or different ideas? 

- Reading Challenge - see the ideas below. They are so lovely I might even just even have a go myself yes

Read Write Inc Schedule and Help for Parents 

Read Write Inc Timetable 


Daily lessons will be available at 9.30am 

All lessons are available on You Tube for 24 hours. 

All filmed lessons will be in separate categories on the You Tube channel so you can select the appropriate lesson.  

Reading makes the world go round - Reading Challenge

My daily walk - awakening your senses

Summer Term 2 

Welcome back to school Reception. I hope you had a lovely sunny half term and are ready to have a go at some more home learning. Some children are coming back to school next week, however there will still be ideas on on the class page and Tapestry for keeping up to date with the learning that is happening in school too. Please make sure you are doing your Oak National Academy lessons each day, revising your Read Write Inc sounds by tuning into the YouTube lessons and also why not have a go at the lessons and stories on BBC Bitesize, I’ll add the link below - they look great!

For your work this week (and to keep enjoying the outdoors as much as possible) below there are set activities for each day of the week. Take photos and add them onto your Tapestry account - have fun 😊


Hi Girls and Boys, just a little message from Mrs Roberts - I wanted to check in on all of you and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers each day. It has been lovely speaking to you and your parents on the phone over the last few weeks and if you keep an eye out in the post this week, there might just be another letter being delivered too...


I hope you managed to enjoy some special VE Day celebrations this weekend and saw how others were taking part too. On my street lots of people sat outside of their house's, a lady played old war time songs on the keyboard and some children were selling homemade cakes to raise money for the NHS. 


Remember to keep yourself busy by completing the family challenges on Tapestry, having a go at the life experiences on the website and logging into Oak National Academy and Read Write Inc on YouTube for some excellent free lessons. 


This Summer Term we would have been reading the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood' so I would highly recommend reading that story lots at home (and other stories set in the woods or stories that have wolves in them, to make further comparisons). Then you could have a go at:  

- acting out the story 

- making up some story actions to go with your retelling

- making masks for the characters 

- creating finger puppets and making up a puppet show 

- finding clips of the story on You Tube

- creating your own basket of treats to take to a grandparent, friend or neighbour's doorstep  

When you read the story or complete any of the activities please upload these on to Tapestry. 


For now take care and enjoy this special time with your family. I, and all the others teachers hope you see you soon. 

Love from Mrs Roberts 

Free Online Reading books with activities

EYFS Learning Experiences grid - fun learning experiences to enjoy as a family

Oak National Academy 

Read Write Inc Lessons


Timetable for Home Learning

Non-Screen Activities

Websites for Home Learning Online

Websites to Keep Moving and Keep Fit

Religious Education

World Book Day

Nursery and Reception discovered an explorers backpack in their classroom. They figured out they must be going to hunt for something...they unwrapped 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. Vicky Clayton, our fantastic performing arts teacher, read out the story to the children and they added their own sound effects, tone of voice and actions. As a follow up activity the children all made a bear biscuit to take home with them.

A Trip to the Theatre

Nursery and Reception enjoyed an afternoon out to The Albany Theatre to watch Nick Sharratt's famous picture books, 'Shark in the park', 'Shark in the dark' and 'Shark in the park on a windy day'. The children joined in with the rhymes and actions and did our school extremely proud.

Acting out a Baptism

Christmas Nativity - Mary's Knitting

Bedtime Phonics

Last night Reception children and their parents were invited back to school to take part a bedtime phonics session. The children all came dressed in their cosy winter pjs and dressing gowns. They enjoyed a hot chocolate and marshmallows as they listen to their gifted book, which they all revived a copy of, from the Book Trust called ‘The Cave’. The book was very popular amongst the children and they loved the tale of the wolf discovering who lived in the cave. Meanwhile, the parents joined Mrs Roberts for a phonics meeting all about the importance of reading and how they can support their children’s phonic skills at home.

Use links for teaching phonics 

Below are some videos used during the meeting (and some additional links) to help parents with own understanding of phonics and how they can support their child best.

Remembrance Day

In Reception the children all shared what they already knew about Remembrance Day and the importance of the symbol of the poppy. Together they watched a video called 'Poppies'. The video  is a beautiful animation following a young rabbit through the poppy fields and reminds the children that the 11th November is a day for remembering those who fought in the war. Following this, all the children had a go at making their own poppy using transient art resources.

2D shape food party

The children have been learning all about 2d shapes. To help them identify, recognise and describe familiar 2d shapes we organised a 2d shape food party. The children brought in food from home and we discussed, sorted and ate all of the squares, triangles, circles and rectangles. The children thought it was lots of fun!

A prayer time full of thanks

The children have been reading the creation story and learning about all the wonderful things that God made for us to enjoy. During class prayer time, the children reflected on what they appreciate in their world and said thank you to God for something he made.

Design and Technology Project

The children made their own 'hedgehog bread'. They gathered their ingredients, followed a recipe and predicted what would happen to their dough. After leaving the dough to prove for an hour, the children were amazed by how much their dough had grown and then they set to bake it. They loved the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through the classroom.

Healthy Living Week

The children have been learning the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and making good choices for themselves. They have been cleaning the dollies in the water tray and talking about their own experiences about keeping clean. The children also took part in an exercise class, raised their heart rates and discussed why exercise makes you feel good. In addition, they have been enjoying a variety of healthy snacks at the snack bar including carrots and hummus, slices watermelon and cubes of cheese. The children have had a great time learning about how to look after their bodies.

Reception Welcome Mass

The Early Years children in Nursery and Reception were formally welcomed into the school and parish of Saint Osburg's during our first family mass. The children and their siblings took part in the mass by leading the readings, the offertory and decorating their own prayer tree. It was a wonderful family celebration and a lovely way to begin the school year.