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Here at St Osburg's Catholic Primary School, we believe that children need to be in school for all sessions, so that they can make the best progress possible. To do this it is essential that a child’s time at school is maximised and even short absences can have a detrimental effect on children’s learning. Any pupil’s absence or late arrival disrupts teaching routines, so, in addition to affecting your own child, it may also affect the learning of others in the same class. Early poor attendance habits follow right through from primary to secondary school and into employment.

We expect all children to be at school, and on time, every day that the school is open, as long as they are fit and healthy enough to do so. We do all we can to encourage children to attend.


St Osburg's School follows the guidelines set out by the Local Education Authority. Please see below:

100% - Outstanding

98.5- 99% - Excellent

97-98.5% - Good

97% - Satisfactory (minimum accepted)

90-94% – Poor and Requires Improvement

85-90% – Very poor and Cause for Concern

85% & below – Persistent Absenteeism and Serious Concern

Procedures for Absence.


It is the responsibility of parents to notify school before 9.15am if their child is going to be absent from school. This can be done by either texting Mrs Fowler on 07423190740, by emailing her on  or verbally to Mrs Fowler or Miss Carey on the playground first thing in the morning. This must be done daily until your child returns to school unless agreed by our Learning Mentors.


On the second day of absence a home visit will be carried out by our Learning Mentors. During this visit Mentors will liaise with the family to minimise any disruption to their child's learning. This time will also determine if an absence can be authorised. It is expected that if children are not well enough to attend school, they will be at home when the home visit takes place. Absence cannot be authorised without the children being seen by staff.