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St Osburg

Our school and parish church is dedicated to Coventry's local saint, St Osburg, who was sent to Coventry to teach people about God and who founded a nunnery which was reportedly the first settlement in the city. Refounded by Leofric and Godiva in 1043 after it's destruction by the Vikings, Osburg's monastery grew into the city's first Cathedral of St Mary, and her shrine was venerated and became a place of pilgrimage throughout the Middle Ages.


Our church and primary school in Coventry, both built in the nineteenth century, are named in honour of St Osburg.

St Osburg’s official feast day according to the Catholic Church is 30 March but it is celebrated on 9th  September at St Osburg's, the day the church was dedicated in 1845. She is the only Coventry saint and St Osburg's church and school are the only ones named after her in the whole world!

Our Journey In Faith


At St Osburg’s Catholic Primary School we follow the Archdiocese of Birmingham’s Curriculum Strategy for Religious Education in Catholic Schools called “Learning and Growing as people of God”. The strategy clearly lays out the steps to be taken in RE at each stage of the Primary Years. We then adapt this in order to make our lessons enjoyable, meaningful and challenging for our children.

As part of the strategy the children learn about what it is to live as Christians today, how the Church is organised from global to parish level and also the opportunities which exist for them to participate in the life of the Church and live their lives as followers of Jesus. Throughout the year the children also learn about the Liturgical Seasons, key feast days and have opportunities to link learning to prayer and reflection.


There is a strong Sacramental focus in each year group. In Year 3 children are prepared to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion and in Year 5 and 6 pupils continue on their journey of faith by preparing for Confirmation.


Our parish priest, Father Pontius, regularly visits our school. He leads a planned programme of Masses throughout the year and works closely with the children, guiding their journey of faith and being on hand to help them wherever he can. He is assisted by Father Sunday. We also work with the Lay Chaplaincy team from Cardinal Newman who lead a number of retreat days throughout the year.

The Christian values of our school and our Mission permeate the whole curriculum. This is supported by our Chaplaincy Team who are trained to support the faith life of the school through their service.


The beautiful St Osburg’s church, next door to school is accessible to all pupils not just to celebrate mass and other Sacraments and services but to visit in order to enhance the RE curriculum. In addition, visits take place annually to St Chad’s Cathedral (Y6) and our Diocesan Retreat centre - Alton Castle(Y5).

Prayer & Liturgy Policy

Progression In Prayer

Liturgical Classroom Prayer Focus Areas

Section 48 Diocesan Inspection - We are an outstanding Catholic school.

Chaplaincy Chat Newsletter Autumn 1 2022

We are a community of love - learning and growing in the image of Christ.

Learning About and Living Out Our Faith

Parish Community

  • Our school is part of St Osburgs’ Parish Family and as a school we offer ourselves in service to the Parish.
  • We hold the Mass sacred and the need to pray together as a parish family regularly                
  • We value and support all aspects of our parish life and community

Through Curriculum

We strive to develop a Jesus-centred teaching and learning environment in which a broad and balanced curriculum is delivered

  • We promote a discipline for learning to encourage self -belief, confidence and independent learning in the children, empowering them to develop a sense of citizenship knowing how to work co-operatively and collaboratively.
  • In acknowledging the value of each person, we strive to provide equal opportunities for all. We recognise and respect in particular Special Educational Needs and a need for an enhanced understanding of race, creeds and cultures. We identify the more able children and our Inclusion policy addresses issues to ensure needs are met.

Through the Wider Community

We reach out to touch the lives of those in need by fund - raising for recognised charities – home and abroad and through involvement in projects answering need.

  • We recognise we are part of a multi-cultural society and as such encourage greater involvement e.g. visiting places of worship for other faiths, inviting outside guests into school.
  • We aim to increase the awareness of the needs of the disabled and other minority groups.

R.E Inspection Report March 2011