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The Boy at the Back of the Class: Completed!

Well done on finishing this text! I hope that you enjoyed the story. I was surprised by the twist at the end. I have attached some reading and writing activities on these last chapters for you to complete by Monday 29th June.

Enjoy the sunny weather this week, and we look froward to welcoming some of you back to school next week. laugh

*The Boy at the Back of the Class*

Well done to everyone who has been reading the book and completing the work- it's been great to see. smiley

Please finish the book over the weekend and I will put the last pieces of work up on Monday.


Have a lovely weekend.



Please read chapters 21-23 by Friday. Check back for more related work on Friday smiley

Completed Work

Here are the new reading and writing activities for this week. Thank you to those children who have sent in their work so far; please send in any work that you complete by Monday. It would be great to see a range of London brochures from you smiley I will post the new chapters to read next Monday. 


Please read chapters 16-20 over the weekend and I will post activities on Monday smiley

Welcome back!

I hope that you are enjoying the sun and have been reading our class text. The new activities are above for you to try. I am loving this book and will definitely be looking at other books from this author, Onjali Q. Rauf.

Remember to keep practising your maths work too by using the TimesTables Rockstars page and trying out some of the Oak Academy maths lessons. I will re-post the link.


Completed Work


As it is half-term this week, I won't set any activities for you to complete! laugh

During the course of the week, read chapters 9-15 of the book and I will put the activities online on Monday June 1st. 


Have a lovely week blush



Please complete the reading questions and writing activities by Friday and email them into school smiley On Friday, I will put up the new chapters to read.

If you would like to complete some Maths questions, I recommend looking at the Oak Academy Gov lessons on the links below; they cover a variety of maths topics for Year 6.

Please read chapters 4-8 and we will upload the activities on Monday. Thank you to those of you who have completed and sent in work- it's great to see the effort that you are putting in!

Completed Work!

I hope you have enjoyed the chapters so far! I loved meeting the characters, Tom, Josie, Michael and Ahmet! I found it hard to work out the narrators name? I thought it was lovely how he thought about the feelings of the new boy, Ahmet, and winked at him! Jennie doesn't sound too kind though! And what does seclusion mean? Where do you think that Ahmet goes? 


I've attached the quiz and the writing activities- have a go at them and email pictures or documents of your work to me by Friday :) 

On Friday, I will put up the new chapters for you to read.

Happy reading & writing. laugh

Year 6

The Boy at the Back of the Class

Welcome to our class read for the Summer Term!


Some of you already have either collected or had delivered your own copy of the book- these are for you to keep!

Once you have got your book, read chapters 1-3 by Tuesday. Check back in on this page and there will be a little quiz to answer on the chapters and a writing activity for you to try wink.


If you don't have your book, it may be delivered this weekend. If it isn't, please collect from the school office on Monday. Any problems with this, let the office know on Monday. 


I will be reading the same chapters as you! I'm looking forward to finding out, who this boy is, does he have friends, why is he at the back of the class? 


Happy reading!

Life Experiences Menu- how many will you do?

Co-vid 19 Home Schedule

Non-Screen Activities

Websites to keep you moving and to keep fit. 

To keep yourself active while in the house, you can always try 'Cosmic Yoga'.


You can also try '5 Minute Move' with The Body Coach.


BBC Super Movers



Viking day

Advent Art Day

Year 6 learning a new skill. BSL alphabet

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Year 6 learning all about crime and punishment with the local magistrate.

Putting Maths into a real life context at Coventry Building Society