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Young Carers

Young Carers In Our School

Here at St Osburg's, we are currently working in collaboration with the Carers Trust to offer our young carers some extra support and relaxation time to 'just be a child.' The children are able to self refer themselves if they recognise themselves to be young carers or parents can refer via the website or by speaking to Mrs Rynott, Mrs Fowler or Miss Carey at school.

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Through our work with the Young Carers we have been looking at how we can support the children and offer them some time to take part in fun activities outside of the school day.


Each half term we will be offering the children the opportunity to stay after school one evening so they can forget about work or extra responsibilities and relax. This might be through watching a film whilst enjoying a snack to baking cakes or cookies.


There is NO charge for your child to attend these sessions.


Letters will be sent home each half term with the details.

Out of the Woods

This short animation will give the viewer an insight into the lives of young carers and hopefully encourage young carers to take steps to seek support. The video is intended to raise awareness of the challenges and issues faced by young carers.