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Pastoral Managers


At St Osburg’s Catholic Primary School we believe that all of us are uniquely created and loved by God and therefore we strive to ensure that all children become the people that God intended them to be.  We are incredibly privileged here at St Osburg’s and have two dedicated  Pastoral managers; Mrs Fowler and Miss Carey. By having two Pastoral managers we are able  to support our children in every way we can to enable them to flourish.




What is a Pastoral Manager?

Pastoral managers can help pupils make the most of school life, breaking down barriers to learning. For the child, they are someone supportive to talk to, share successes or disappointments with and  people who can help with practical difficulties or worries.  They can also be the link between school and home or with other outside agencies.  They can act as an advocate for children and young people and are non-judgmental. They have a tailored and flexible approach to meet the needs of those that they mentor. 

Our Pastoral Managers start their day with meet and greet at the school gates. This gives our children a positive start to their morning. It also gives our parents the opportunity to share any concerns or worries they may have. 


During the day our Pastoral Managers are available to all children and have an open door policy.  This gives the children opportunities to share any worries or concerns they may have. Often it can be children sharing some exciting news they may have.  




What Can the Pastoral Managers at St.Osburg's Help With?

We can give a helping hand with a wide range of difficulties:

·        Settling into a new school

·        Friendship issues

·        Problems on the playground

·        Getting behind with homework / revision planning

·        Family breakdown

·        Unstable or difficult family circumstances

·        Worries or concerns about transferring from primary to secondary school

‚Äč·        Changes in home life

·        The loss of a loved one

·        Coping with illness

·        Any form of bullying (including cyber bullying)

·        Controlling emotions

·        Social skills

·        Self-esteem or confidence issues

.        Help with Foodbank Vouchers

.        Supporting parents to avoid heat poverty during the winter

.        Signpost to Pathways Family Hub for Early help






Contact Mrs Fowler directly on:                                           Contact Miss Carey directly on:

      07423190740                      07519 967 278 







Our Pastoral Managers work closely with parents and outside agencies to promote good attendance in school.

This  Year the Local Authority have allocated all schools their own Attendance officer.  We will be working with our Attendance officer to support our parents and their children to be in school everyday.


We welcome our Playground Pals.

Everyone has the right to feel safe in the playground so following on from Anti bullying week we are excited to introduce our 10 dedicated Pals.

The Playground Pals are an important part of school life. Children volunteer to be a Playground Pal and make the commitment to help encourage happy and sociable playtimes. They will be a point of contact for children during breaks to help encourage games and sort out any minor concerns. They do not replace the role of the teacher in sorting out problems, but are a support to the children and staff on duty.

Our Playground Pals will:

* Look out for pupils who need help

* Offer to play with pupils who are on their own or help them find others to play with

* Encourage pupils to play games together

* Help pupils to solve problems with their friends or their game

* Promote appropriate behaviour and language on the playground

High 5 for speaking up!

During Anti bullying week children right across the school took part in learning about all of the different types of bullying. They also learned that if they or a friend are a victim, they should speak up and report it as soon as possible.  As part of their PHSE, the children can identify safe people that they can turn to should they need to and have created a beautiful display with some of their ideas.