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Year 5

Homework 27.11.2020


From this week, we will be setting homework on seesaw and our class page. Instead of bringing homework books back into school, children can send examples of their homework on seesaw for their teachers to provide feedback. 


Spelling - Use look, say, cover, write and check to practice. 












Double page spread

What do you want to do when you are older?

Home Learning 27.11.2020


Maths - Adding and subtracting fractions page 46


English - Synonyms and antonyms page 22



Home Learning 24.11.2020


Maths - Addition and subtraction word problems page 28


English - Answering and asking questions page 40


R.E - Read a Bible story where Jesus performs a miracle such as Jesus Calms The Storm and answer the following questions:

  1. Who was there?
  2. Where were they?
  3. What was the problem?
  4. How did they resolve the problem?

Dividing By 10 Worksheet

Divide by 10

Home Learning 23.11.2020

Maths - Dividing by 10 (Watch the above vimeo and answer the questions on the worksheet. 


English - Facts and opinions page 44

Reading Comprehension

Multiply by 10, 100 and 1,000

Home Learning 20.11.2020


Good morning Year 5, you have all worked so hard at home and I am very proud of what you have achieved but I am delighted to say that this is our last day of home learning before we are back to school on Monday. 


Maths - Multiply by 10, 100 and 1000

Watch the vimeo above and complete the attached maths worksheet. 



  1. Live lesson with Mr Dingley at 11am on zoom (see seesaw for details.) or write a persuasive letter from Harry to Uncle Vernon asking for permission to go to Hogwarts.
  2. Adverbs - English workbook page 90-91



The Women Who Helped Build Nasa.



P.E with Joe -

Maths Worksheet Answers

Reading Comprehension

Multiplying by 100 Worksheet

Multiply by 100

Home Learning 19.11.2020


Maths: Multiplying by 100 - Watch the above vimeo and answer the questions on the worksheet.



  1. Zoom live lesson with Mr Dingley at 11am (Details on Seesaw) or writing effective dialogue -
  2. Using Dialogue, pages 76-77 in your English workbook. 


Comprehension - Read the above text and answer the questions. 


Science - Create a fact file about David Attenborough. Use the following links to help you:


Reading Comprehension

Multiply by 10

Home Learning 18.11.2020


English - Formal speech and writing page 86-87


Maths - Live lesson with Mr Dingley at 11am on Zoom (Details on Seesaw.) 

Re-cap - Multiply by 10 - Watch the vimeo above and answer the questions on the worksheet. 

Support -


Reading comprehension - Anti-bullying week text and questions (See above)



Cube Numbers Answer Sheet

Diagon Alley Images

Cube Numbers Worksheet Image

Cube Numbers Worksheet

Cube numbers

Home Learning 17.11.2020

Maths - Cube numbers - Watch the above vimeo and complete the worksheet. Answers to follow this afternoon. 


English - Write a setting description of Diagon Alley from Harry Potter (Live lesson with Mr Dingley at 11am on Zoom, see Seesaw for details.)


PSHE - Anti-bullying week - Use the following video and the power point above to create a poster to raise awareness for anti-bullying week -


Autumn Home Learning Tasks

Maths Worksheet Image

Square Numbers Worksheet

Square numbers

Home Learning 16.11.2020

Maths - Square numbers

  1. Times table rock stars practice - 5-10 minutes
  2. Watch the video and complete the activities at the following link -
  3. Watch the Vimeo teaching video above
  4. Complete the questions on the abov worksheet. 


English - Live lesson on Microsoft teams at 11am with Mr Dingley. (Parents check your phones and use Seesaw to join.)


R.E - Complete one the above R.E home learning tasks. 


Don't forget to share your work on Seesaw. 





Prime Numbers Answer Sheet

Remembrance Day

Prime Numbers Worksheet

Prime numbers

Home Learning - 13.11.2020


Maths - Prime numbers two - Watch the video above, pause at each question and then answer the questions on the worksheet. 


English - Developing characters and settings page 74-75

Extension - Write a short character description of Hagrid when he arrives to collect Harry -


  • Set the scene - 5 Ws - Who, where, why, when and what.
  • Show don't tell - Verbs and adverbs to describe Hagrid's movements. 
  • Similes


Theme - Use the information above to create a poster to raise awareness about remembrance day and answer the following questions:

  1. What is remembrance day?
  2. When is remembrance day and why is it celebrated on this date?
  3. In what different ways do people show respect on remembrance day?
  4. What is the significance of poppies on remembrance day?

Use the following video to support your answers -


Hundred Square

Prime numbers activity

Prime Numbers teaching video - Pause your video after each question and answer it before you move on.

Home Learning 12.11.2020

P.E - Wake Up With Joe -


Maths - Prime numbers:

Times Table Rock Stars - 5-10 minutes - If your child doesn't have their login details, email Mr Dingley and he will send it to you. 

Introduction to prime numbers -

Activity - Watch the above prime numbers teaching vimeo and use a hundred square to find all of the prime numbers between 1 and 100. 


English - Different Sentences page 96. 

Extension - Write three of your own statement, question, exclamation and  command sentences. 



English Work - Describing Harry's thoughts and emotions

Common Factors Questions

Common Factors

Still image for this video

Home Learning - 11.11.2020

Maths - Factors - Watch the above video, pause at each stage and then complete the factors questions on the above worksheet.


English - Use the above images and our knowledge of the story so far to describe Harry Potter's emotions and thoughts when he first met Hagrid. 

  • Set the scene
  • Use adjectives to describe Harry's emotions.
  • What would Harry have been thinking?


Science - What is a lifecycle?

  1. Complete the activities on
  2. Draw and label the lifecycle of a human. 



Home Learning

Hello Year 5, as we are having to isolate again maths, English and wider curriculum work will be set on our class page each day for you to complete.

If you would like to receive feedback or have any questions regarding the work please email

Parents please continue to check your emails and our website for updates. 

Stay safe and see you soon. 


Home Learning for week commencing 2.11.2020

Home Learning answers

Thank you children for all the work that you have done during our week of Home Learning.

Answers for work in your English & Maths that was done in your workbook can be found in the back of the book.

The White Rose answer sheets can be found below for you to check your answers. You may send in any work that you have done via email if you wish.

Please bring your maths assessment  answers in on Monday.


Hello children, 

We hope that you are keeping safe at home. Your work for each day will be uploaded onto this page.

*Answers will be posted on Friday- please mark your work and then submit it via email and then you will receive feedback. We look forward to seeing it!*



Maths: Continuing our work on Line Graphs, please complete pages 106 & 107 of your workbook. I will upload ones of the lessons from before half term as a recap.


English: pg 20 & 21 of your workbook on Homophones and Confusing words.


Reading: 20 minutes of your book or a book/newspaper that you've chosen from home.


Complete one of the History activities from the Home Learning document that is attached.


Maths: Watch the attached video clip and complete page 102 &103 of your workbook.

English: Complete pages 2& 3 of your workbook on synonyms and antonyms.

Aut5.7.2 - Read and interpret tables

This is "Aut5.7.2 - Read and interpret tables" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Maths: Watch the attached video and complete the worksheet.

English: Reading Comprehension. Read the extracts and complete the questions on pages 24 & 25 in your workbook.

R.E: Complete one of the lessons from the Home Learning document above.

Aut5.7.3 - Two-way tables

This is "Aut5.7.3 - Two-way tables" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Maths: Watch the video and complete pages 104 & 105 of your workbook.

English: Comprehension- complete pages 26 & 27 of your workbook.

Handwriting: Copy out the poem Firework Night by Enid Blyton

Aut5.7.4 - Timetables

This is "Aut5.7.4 - Timetables" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Maths: Complete the attached assessment. You may write your answers on a piece of paper, numbered, if you can't print it off. Bring this assessment to school on Monday :)

English: Reading - complete pages 28 & 29 of your workbook.

P.E: Take part in the attached video of P.E. with Joe.

Aut5.7.1 - Use line graphs to solve problems

This is "Aut5.7.1 - Use line graphs to solve problems" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Home Learning Week of 05.10.2020


Monday - Root Words pg 12-13

Tuesday - Prefixes pg 14-15

Wednesday - Suffixes pg 16-17

Thursday - Adding prefixes and suffixes to root words pg 18-19

Friday - Homophones and confusing words pg 20-21



Monday - Mental maths (50s club)

Tuesday - Multiplication pg 30

Wednesday - Division pg 32

Thursday - Word problems pg 36

Friday - Multiplication and division re-cap 



Home Learning 28th-2nd October 2020


Monday - Jane Considine Live lesson - Sentence stacking lesson 7 (Youtube)

Tuesday - Jane Considine Live lesson - Sentence stacking lesson 8 (Youtube) 

Wednesday - Jane Considine Live lesson - Sentence stacking lesson 9 (Youtube)

Thursday - Independent writing - Edit and write up their previous work in best. 

Friday - Independent writing -  Edit and write up their previous work in best. 



Monday - Mental maths - Times table and division practice

Tuesday - Addition pg 24-25

Wednesday - Subtraction pg 26-27

Thursday - Word problems pg 28-29

Friday - Addition and subtraction re-cap

Home Learning 21st-25th September 2020


Monday - 50s club

Tuesday - Rounding up to 1,000000

Wednesday - Negative numbers

Thursday - Roman numerals 

Friday - Addition (column method)


English - Jane Considine's Live Lessons

Monday -

Tuesday -

Wednesday -

Thursday -

Friday -


Meet The Teacher

Class teacher - Mr Dingley 

HLTA - Miss Doyle 

For the last 2 weeks of the academic year, I have uploaded some cross-curricular activities to complement The Boy at the Back of the Class, hopefully you will have some time to try these and find them enjoyable. If you haven't already done so, please email me your task for Ashley smiley. Ask your parents to check their emails on Thursday to arrange our next 'meet up'. 

Zoom & Laing Task

*WINNER* of the quiz was Joanna with a total of 9 points yes Closely followed by Chase & Kai in second place with 8 points. Well done everyone!

The answers were: 1) yolk 2) Evergreen 3) Liverpool 4) J 5) Joe Wicks or The Body Coach 6) 3 7) JK Rowling 8) Boris Johnson 

9) moon 10) light

It was great to see you again on Zoom and hear your voices! I look froward to your quiz answers being emailed to me smiley


I'm attaching below the video from Ashley about the Laing project that we all took part in before lock-down. Please watch it, then complete the task from the task sheet and email to me by the end of the day, Monday. It doesn't have to take long and I know that Ashley would really appreciate your feedback!

A message from Ashley

Still image for this video

The Boy at the Back of the Class: Completed!

*Thank you to those of you who have shared your final pieces so far; I will upload them on Friday so if anyone else has any work to share, send it to me* smiley

Well done on finishing this text! I hope that you enjoyed the story. I was surprised by the twist at the end. I have attached some reading and writing activities on these last chapters for you to complete by Monday 29th June. After that, we will focus on cross-curricular links based on the story. Do also keep practising your maths work; use the Oak Academy lessons for Year 5.


I will be in touch this week about organising another Zoom session for next week. 


Enjoy the sunny weather this week,


Mrs McDevitt



Thank you to all of you who took part in our Zoom session; it was lovely to see all of your smiling faces!

I have decided to ask you to finish the book over the weekend , and I will post the work on Monday. So finish chapter 24, then read 25 & 26. 

I will get in touch about the next Zoom session. smiley


Please read chapters 21-23 by Friday. Check back for more related work on Friday smiley


I'm looking forward to meeting up with you on Zoom on Friday. Check your emails to book your place. 

Completed Work

Here are the new reading and writing activities for this week. Thank you to those children who have sent in their work so far; please send in any work that you complete by Monday. It would be great to see a range of London brochures from you smiley I will post the new chapters to read next Monday. 


Please read chapters 16-20 over the weekend and I will post activities on Monday smiley

Welcome back!

I hope that you are enjoying the sun and have been reading our class text. The new activities are above for you to try. I am loving this book and will definitely be looking at other books from this author, Onjali Q. Rauf.

Remember to keep practising your maths work too by using the TimesTables Rockstars page (I have your log in if you need it) and trying out some of the Oak Academy maths lessons. I will re-post the link.

I am looking forward to talking to some of you over the phone this week too! 

Mrs McDevitt

Completed Work


As it is half-term this week, I won't set any activities for you to complete!

During the course of the week, read chapters 9-15 of the book and I will put the activities online on Monday June 1st laugh

Have a lovely week.


Mrs McDevitt

The Boy at the Back of the Class

Please complete the reading questions and writing activities by Friday and email them into school smiley On Friday, I will put up the new chapters to read.

If you would like to complete some Maths questions, I recommend looking at the Oak Academy Gov lessons on the links below; they cover a variety of maths topics for Year 5.

Please read chapters 4-8 & I will post the activities to complete on Monday. 

Thank you to those children who have sent in work- it's great to see what you have been up to.

Completed work

Well done Joanna for completing and handing in the questions on chapter 1-3. It's great to see so many of you enjoying the book!

I hope you have enjoyed the chapters so far! I loved meeting the characters, Tom, Josie, Michael and Ahmet! I found it hard to work out the narrators name? I thought it was lovely how he thought about the feelings of the new boy, Ahmet, and winked at him! Jennie doesn't sound too kind though! And what does seclusion mean? Where do you think that Ahmet goes? 


I've attached the quiz and the writing activities- have a go at them and email pictures or documents of your work to me by Friday :) 

On Friday, I will put up the new chapters for you to read.

Happy reading & writing. laugh

Welcome to our class read for the Summer Term!


Some of you already have either collected or had delivered your own copy of the book- these are for you to keep!

Once you have got your book, read chapters 1-3 by Tuesday. Check back in on this page and there will be a little quiz to answer on the chapters and a writing activity for you to try wink.


If you don't have your book, it may be delivered this weekend. If it isn't, please collect from the school office on Monday. Any problems with this, let the office know on Monday. 


I will be reading the same chapters as you! I'm looking forward to finding out, who this boy is, does he have friends, why is he at the back of the class? 


Happy reading!

Life Experiences Menu- how many will you do?

Welcome to the new Summer Term!

Again, it's different to our usual ways of working but remember we are still here for you. I'm uploading an English unit for you to have a go at to support your learning; it is an easy to follow guide. If you have any questions, please email me . If you complete this unit, send in your work and I will share it on our class page (you may email in any work that you would like to share- thank you David for sending yours in!) :) There are also lots of other ideas on here for you to try including the Oak Academy lessons which have a new programme each week- take a look! 

I will be continuing to phone you throughout this half term!

Mrs McDevitt

Week 3: Holy Week

Hello Year 5!

Week 2 of Home Learning.


I'm going to put some suggestions here each week for you to try.


If you have finished your Home Learning Class Pack, I recommend you having a go at:

The Body Coach PE lesson from 9.00-9.30 each day.

Maths: Complete the daily lesson from the White Rose maths scheme (the link is below). 

Writing: There are a range of KS2 writing challenges on the link below. The 'Take a Stand' challenge looks interesting!

Reading: I have attached below a range of reading comprehensions for you to complete at your leisure. If you have finished your current book, there is a link to Scholastic below which has access to magasines & extracts to read along with some activities to match.


I am also adding some new activities to this page each week for you to try- do keep coming back to visit our page and see what is new!

*Remember to include some time for you to relax, record in your journal, draw, watch some TV!*


Non-Screen Activities

Online home learning.
Websites to keep you moving and keep fit. 

Religious Education

Year 5 working from home.

Year 5 Historic England project.

The children in Year 5 have been lucky to take part in a Historic England project this week. Over two day they have studied images from the John Laing construction of the new Coventry Cathedral. Ashley and Martin led the sessions on historical study skills.They also visited the Cathedral with two ex-employees of Laing and interviewed them, looked at photos and shared stories. This was all captured by film by professional film-makers who are producing a 3 minute film of the children's experiences. Everyone reported on 'How well-mannered, nice, kind and thoughtful' our children were, which was lovely to hear. Thank you to Mrs McDevitt and Miss Howes for organising the days and making sure everything ran smoothly. 

Is it ever right to fight?

Year 5 enjoyed a debate on Friday about whether it was right to fight, linking it back to our topic in Theme of World War 2. There was very good points for, for and against. When it came to vote on what they agreed with, it was dead heat... 16 for and against!

Goodnight Mister Tom.

As we have now finished Harry Potter, year 5 have now started a new book in English called 'Goodnight Mister Tom'. We are linking it to our World War 2 topic in theme. Today they got the chance to look at some of the things, young children during the war, would of had in their suitcase.

Year 5 in Science and phases in the moon.

In science yesterday, the children learnt about the movements and the phases of the moon. They showed their understanding by using Oreo cookies. The Oreos showed the phases of the moon. They enjoyed this lesson very much, especially when they got to eat the biscuits. 

Year 5 visit to Harry Potter!

The children and the staff had a magical time at Harry Potter studios on Thursday. It was extra special as the studio was dressed up for Christmas. Highlights included, the Gryffindor common room, the potions classroom, Hogwarts express, the Forbidden Forest, Gringotts bank, Diagon alley and Privet drive. The children also took part in an English lesson, where they got to see some actual props from the movie. They were given tips on how to make a good story. The children were well behaved and really enjoyed the trip.

The Victorians

Year 5 have been working on The Victorians this term in Theme. To round off the unit, they gathered all their information up, that they have learnt, and in groups, presented it to the class. The researched about the coal mines, school life, working life and transport, and also how have things changed and what laws were put in place.

Year 5's Advent inspire workshop.

Year 5 enjoyed their 'Advent Inspire workshop' this morning. They were reflecting on the coming of Jesus by doing activities that included, making Bambinelli's, prayers, bible journals. Thank you to all the parents that came, hope you equally enjoyed it. 

Year 5's Bambinelli's.

Year 5 made gorgeous Bambinelli's this week, ready to be blessed at Mass on Friday morning.

Our year 5 PSCO's.

Year 5 at the cinema to see the 'Addams Family'.

Year 5 had a fabulous day at the old town museum in Blists Hill. They dressed up as Victorian children and went to school. They also explored the old town and even got to go into some shops to purchase goods with pennies and farthings! They also learnt how to make candles and got to dip some candles of their own. They all came to the conclusion that we are very lucky to live in the time that we do, with all the living luxuries that we have. Thank you Mrs McDevitt, Miss Howes and Mr Checkley. 

Year 5 at Blists Hill.

Year 5 are enjoying a 'Drop everything and read' session to start our afternoon off in a peaceful way.

Year 5 on BMX day.

Year 5 have started Harry Potter!