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Chaplaincy Team

The Chaplaincy Team is made up of two class members from years 3 -6, who all applied in writing for the role.


·To help the school to grow as a community of faith.

·To encourage the pupils to live their faith in daily living.

· To support Liturgy, prayer and the spiritual life of the school.

· To involve pupils in fundraising for charities and reaching out to those in need.

· To continue to develop strong links with the Parish.

· To support the school in its Mission Statement


Duties include:

  • Helping to plan and lead assemblies and Masses

  • Organising and leading class prayer times with other pupils

  • Lead lunchtime prayer opportunities throughout the year eg Rosary, Prayer Garden, Stations of the Cross and Bible Club.

  • Ensuring that class and communal prayer areas are tidy and reflect the season.

  • Organising fund raising for charity and other events supporting Catholic Social Teaching.

  • Supporting younger children with their spiritual development

  • Help to monitor and improve the Catholic life of our school.

Chaplaincy Chat – Autumn 1 2022


Welcome to the first Chaplaincy Chat newsletter of the year.

We will be talking about what happened this year with the chaplaincy team. Lots of things happened this term! We started this term by forming our group of members with pupils from Year 3 to 6, 20 students applied by writing to Mrs Rynott about how we could help others to follow in Jesus’s footsteps, with all of us getting a spot on the team.

Our newly found team went checking the rooms to make sure they all had a crucifix ( Year 3 and 4 members) .The set of virtues and values for this term are Compassionate and Loving and we gave out posters for each classroom on these.

Chaplaincy fundraising started off bright with Brighten Up For Harvest from CAFOD to come dressed up brightly with the payment of £1 or food for a local foodbank. Then we had Saint Francis of Assisi day where we could dress up as an animal for free and we could have animal teddies on our desk and also animal print clothing.

By Dominic, Chloe and Bella Y5  😉

Chaplaincy Team in Action!

During December some member of our Chaplaincy team visited each classroom to monitor prayer areas, complete feedback forms and take pictures. They were really pleased to see the lovely Advent prayer areas in each classroom and enjoyed feeding back to Mrs Rynott. 

Advent prayer areas in each classroom.