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We had an amazing visit from KPN Reptiles and they brought lots of different animals into nursery for us to hold. We had a chance to hold Geoffrey the Bearded Dragon, Olive the Boa-Constrictor, Dredd and Sticky the Gecko's and Shelly the giant land snail.

Visit from the Easter Bunny!

Before the Easter holiday, the Easter Bunny sent us lots of new resources and games to help us learn more about Springtime. We went on a spring walk, made chocolate nests, decorated crosses and matched egg patterns. We had worked so hard the Easter Bunny delivered some chocolate treats for us to find in our garden after the holidays. 

Car washing fun!

We have been developing our gross motor skills and learning about the world around us as we had fun washing cars.We made sure they were bright and shiny so that they are easier to see and safer on the roads.

Police Visit

Road Safety Visit

We had a visit from our local PCSO Jake Bird and her colleagues. They taught us how to cross roads safely by holding hands, looking and listening carefully. We also know we need to walk across roads and wear bright clothes so we can be seen by drivers. We even had a surprise visit from another police officer who was driving past in a police car.smiley

Kung Hei Fat Choi.....Happy New Year

We have been celebrating the Chinese new year in Nursery. We have decorated our home corner with lanterns and worn chinese clothes. We have tasted chinese food such noodles, rice and prawn crackers - we even had our own fortune cookies! 

Winter wonderland

We have been learning all about the season of winter and the changes we can see. We went on a winter walk and wrapped up warmly and even had the chance to march in the snow and make small snowballs. 

An exciting visit from The Dogs Trust...

We had a visit from Anthea and Bailey the dog, who showed us how to care for our pet dogs. We learnt that we have to walk them each day, feed them, scoop up their poop, bath them and take them to the vet when they are sick. 

Firefighters for the day!

We had a visit from Firefighter Martin and Fire fighter Nicholas who came along with a real fire engine. They showed us how to use a water hose and we even had a ride in the back of the engine. A huge thank you to both of them smiley


Spooky story day

In nursery we had 'spooky fun' at Halloween reading creepy stories, carving pumpkins, making spooky biscuits and even eating roasted pumpkin seeds. 

All the leaves are falling down....

We have been learning all about the season of Autumn and explored our outside environment on an Autumn walk.

Welcome to St. Osburg's Nursery.smiley

We have been having great fun meeting new friends and exploring our exciting learning environments. Here are some photographs from our first few weeks at nursery.