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School Council Head Boy and Head Girl Nominees

September 25th 2023

This week members of our Year 6 class have applied for the postion of Head Boy or Head Girl or a member of the school council.

Eight children 4 boys and 4 girls have applied for the postion of Head Boy and Head Girl. Each class will be voting over the next few days to make their choice of who they would like to elect. The winners will be announced on Friday. Good Luck everyone.

Other members of the school council will also be chosen this week.




Our School Council 2019/20

Tuesday 12th March 2019 - School Council members busy working on their powerpoint presentation

School Council Meetings - Latest News

Over the last few weeks the school council members have been busy working on a special project set by Mrs Rynott: an evaluation of their experiences during their time here at St Osburg's Primary School. They have been looking at teaching and learning, the school environment and safeguarding. The children understand that it is not just their opinion they have to share, they have to provide evidence to support their judgements.


Once they have completed their project they will hopefully present their findings to our school governors.


Keep up the good work!

School Council Meeting - Tuesday 15th January 2019

This week we met with KS1 Phase Leader, Miss Doran, to find out what the behaviour of the children is like in Years 1 and 2.

We asked her lots of questions to find out what behaviour system is most effective with the younger children?, what kinds of issues (if any) occur most frequently? and  to see what works best to resolve things when they arise? Miss Doran gave us some amazing answers and we are now trying to link those to the behaviour in KS2. Do the children in KS2 try as hard as the children in KS1? We'll get back to you with an answer...


Following on from our meeting we now have some suggestions to take back to Mrs Rynott frown


Thank you Miss Doran for giving up your time!


By Zuzanna


Friday 11th January 2019 - Pupil Voice Questionnaire

Part of our role is to ensure that the thoughts and opinions of all the children here at St Osburg's are heard. Today the school council members visited their classes to carry out a questionnaire with the children.

The results are now being collated and will be revealed shortly! frown

School Council Meeting - Tuesday 8th January 2019

During the first school council meeting of the year, we listened to what our fellow pupils would like to see happening around school. We discussed their suggestions and decided which ones we should feed back to Mrs Rynott (I don't think the one suggesting we should finish school at 12pm on a Friday would get the go ahead! frown)

Then we had a conversation about the importance of breakfast and how by not having any can impact on  how well we are able to learn in school. Sadly some of our children skip having breakfast in the mornings, this can be a one off occasion or happen more often for others, so we are looking at ways to ensure all children can start their day by enjoying a healthy breakfast.


By Timi, Head Boy

School Council Meeting - Tuesday 18th December 2018

The school council came together to discuss new fundraising ideas for next term, share ideas on using the house points more efficiently and to plan ways to improve punctuality across the school. After all of that, we looked at some of the suggestions raised by each of the classes which ranged from arranging a St Osburg's Bake Off to dressing up as our role models for the day.

In January we will meet with Miss Doran (KS1 Phase Leader) to get a better idea of how the staff down there promote positive behaviour and good manners smiley


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!


By Esther


Tesco Bag Pack - Friday 14th December

Thank you to Michelle, Community Champion at Tesco Arena for organising for the school council children to carry out a bag back in store.

Whilst there, they enjoyed a nice drink and some tasty treats. The children were a real credit to the school and even sang a Christmas carol to one of Tesco's regular customers!


School Council Bag Pack at Tesco

School Council Meeting - Tuesday 4th December 2018


Today we discussed some of the suggestions made by children in each of the classes we are responsible for: They would like the boot brush replacing outside to make sure our carpets are kept clean and others have asked about taking part in Maths/English competitions against other schools!


We also looked at how effective the house tokens were across the school and have been set the task of coming up with new ideas for better ways to use them that'll engage everybody, so watch this space...


Finally, Miss Carey spoke to us about our fundraising trip to Tesco on Friday where we will be taking part in a Bag Pack which is exciting frown


That's it for this week!


By Mary

School Council Meeting - Tuesday 27th November 2018


As usual, the school council gathered together to have their weekly lunch time meeting. We discussed ways of improving our school environment and looked at suggestions made by the children in each class. Some of the suggestions would not really work (like finishing school at 2pm every day!) but there were some fantastic ones which were passed on to Mrs Rynott.  Following on from that, we looked at which school councillors had new children join their classes so they could carry out a Settling In Interview with them to make sure they were getting on ok and had made some friends frown


We are really looking forward to our upcoming fundraising trip to bag pack at Tesco.


By Bridget, Head Girl. 

Visit to the Lord Mayor - Friday 23rd November 2018


Please see what we got up to in the 'Latest News' section frown

Coming soon....


Each fortnight School council members will be sharing what has been discussed during their meetings  frown

Our School Council 2018-19

Our school council this year is made up of a selected group of 9 children including our Head Boy and Girl.

Council members are assigned to a particular year group to ensure, no matter what their age, each child's voice is heard.

With meetings held each week, the team bring forward ideas and suggestions on how we can improve our school environment, plan and arrange fundraising ideas or vote on matters such as who our Playground Pals are going to be. All points raised are then shared with Mrs Rynott, our Headteacher.


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