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Crafts Club

Healthy January

January is the time of year when we still follow our New Year's resolutions and try to be healthy. In crafts club, children created their own 'eat well plates to remember how to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

Ninja stars

Today in crafts club we made some awesome origami ninja stars to play with.

It's party time!

We had a fantastic time celebrating our last crafts club before Christmas!😁☃️🎄

Meowtastic Monday!

We have quite a few cat lovers in crafts club! That's why today we created some fun paper cats to take home.

Remembrance Day at Crafts Club

Today in crafts club we thought about all those who lost their lives during wars. We prepared some poppies in preparation for the Sunday parade.

3...2...1... BLAST OFF!

Today in craft club we had a great time making our very own rocket launchers! Good job engineers, good job!😉


Have you ever fallen asleep reading and could not remember where you've finished? Today crafts club used the Origami technique to make some monstrous bookmarks frown

Let the crafting begin!!

We have started our new school year by preparing some lovely mugs to enjoy our hot drinks in!

Welcome back!

May the best egg win!

In crafts club, children were busy preparing some Easter eggs for a competition. Focused, creative, motivated...good luck gyus!

Mother's day gifts

Children in crafts club were working hard for two weeks in preparation for this year's Mother's day.  We've made beautiful cards and bracelets to show love and appreciation for what our mums do for us every day. 

Valentine's Day Crafting

Children at crafts club prepared some love bugs to share with the important people in their lives.


Slime craze at crafts club

We're not afraid to get our hands dirty! Excited and fascinated, children prepared some magical, glittery slimes in all the colours of the rainbow. Let the fun begin!surprise

Christmas crafting!!frown

Remembrance Day Poppies

Today in crafts club, we thought about all those who fought for our country and often sacrificed their lives so that we could live a peaceful, happy lives. Children prepared some 3D poppies and posters to celebrate the Remembrance Day.


Children were busy creating some spooky crafts in preparation for the Spooky Story Day.

Welcome to Crafts Club 17/18!!

Do you enjoy crafting and art? If you want to join our merry team, we're happy to have you! We meet every Monday in Saint George's room.frown

Christmas crafts. We've set a new school record for the longest Christmas paper chain :)


Children used tonnes of glitter and other materials to decorate some amazing gift boxes. Well done everyone!! 

Glittery magic filled us with Christmas spirit!

Minecraft craze- building blocks, choosing our favourite gamer and learning about 3D shapes, of course :)

On the 11th of November, we remembered all those, who lost their lives fighting for our country. Pupils in crafts club put together a wonderful picture in order to commemorate the upcoming 75th anniversary of The Blitz.

Winter Wonderland- Origami snowflakes.

Sharpie magic- personalized mugs project.

Crafts club welcomes all pupils passionate about creating, recycling, inventing and crafts! 

We have a lot of fun creating both, useful objects, and fun things that you can share with your family and friends. 

We meet every Wednesday afternoon in Year 3 classroom.