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Year 1

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Mrs Hollingsworth, Mrs McGonigle and Mrs Oluremi welcome all the children in Year 1! 

Exploring our school grounds 

Today children in Year 1 were busy exploring the school grounds. We discovered all the sounds around us, described what we could see, feel and smell. One busy afternoon!

Discovering the Wonders of Autumn

Today children in Year 1 were discovering how autumn is like using their senses. We observed the changes in our surroundings, such as the cold breeze on our faces, colourful leaves dancing in the wind and soft and squelchy mud under our feet. We also collected some leaves which were later used to create some fantastic pictures.

The Book With a Hole

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Today the children in Year 1 had a wonderful time working with this fantastically engaging and interactive book.  We used our imagination to discover new adventures on every page!
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